Advantages of Car Leasing
Customized VIP Service
The service specialist will provide customized the contract and insurance based on your needs to give you VIP service.
Highest Quality Maintenance Service
All the leased vehicles are served with the most professional maintenance, and our service specialist will assist you with all the maintenance(om the basis of the contract agreements).
Comprehensive Insurance Planning Service Gives You Absolute
Peace of Mind
Through systematic management of insurance policies, ORIX offers comprehensive insurance packages and clear analysis of the insurance details.
365 Days Customer Service
Our tri-lingual service line in Mandarin, English and Japanese provides you with a care-free vehicle-using experience. When accidents happen, our 24-hour on call service personnel will provide immediate rescue services, such as vehicle towing, power supply connection, tires replacement, gasoline, and water delivery.
Expenses Listing for Effective and Legal Tax Saving
The rent paid for vehicle leasing every month can be listed as the corporate expense of the month; the 5% of the business tax can be used for tax deduction.
Reduction of Corporate Expenses and Flexible Capital Use
By leasing vehicles, the business can save big cash for highly profitable investments and profits without buying highly depreciative traffic tools.
Simplified Budget and Easy Cost Control
The fixed expenditure of monthly rent for a long-term car leasing program is not only a good way to avoid the risks of inflation, but also an exemption from worrying about the complicated depreciation, maintenance, and insurance premium and tax issues. The businesses can accurately estimate the capital requirement during the leasing duration for easier financial planning and cost control.
Non-listing of Fixed Assets and Increasing Return of Assets
The car rent is only listed as expense in the balance sheet, not a fixed asset. It will significantly increase the return of asset and liquidity ratio to make the businesses more competitive.
Cost Saving of Manpower and Administrative Management
When the lease begins, our assign specialists will handle all the trivial works related to the vehicles, such as cars inspection, insurance claims, regular maintenance, tax payment and fine tickets. The business doesn't have to assign their employees to look after them. It can save manpower and reduce the administrative hassles and burden.
Confidential ID and Decreasing Car Accident Dispute
The leasing option can prevent exposure of your personal information to reduce the risk of being target of crimes. In case of any disputes, ORIX will handle them in your behalf to avoid frauds and blackmails.
Monthly Report of Vehicle Management
For corporate customers, ORIX provides the monthly maintenance and inspection statements, insurance claim and follow-ups, and traffic violation records.

Substitute Vehicles Offered Continuously

When your car has been delivered to the maintenance shop over 24 hours, ORIX will provide you with a substitute vehicle (on the basis of the contract agreements). ORIX offers you not only professional maintenance but also heart-warming services.

Traffic Ticket Paying Service Gives You Matchless Convenience.
To prevent delayed payment or omission of your traffic tickets, ORIX will pay the fine for you and provide the relevant information to you to secure your interests.