Service Advantages
Leased Car with Bridgestone Tires in General

Take our customer safety as the first priority, ORIX leads the industry by adopting the world-class Bridgestone tires. The tire will be replaced when it meets the replacement standard during leasing duration. ORIX gives our customers VIP-class services and safeguard.

Vehicle Purchase Advantages
ORIX negotiates with the car dealers by professional purchasing skills and advantages to provide customers in preferential price. ORIX also offer a great variety of models to allow customers to enjoy car leasing services based on their needs.
High Quality and Efficiency in Vehicle Maintenance / Inspection
ORIX provides customers with flexible choices in service shop location. In addition to services of original factory, we have high-quality contract maintenance shops around Taiwan to give our customers faster and varied choices of service location. Besides, to ensure your driving safety, everytime you take your car into the shop, technician will conduct a total inspection on vehicles to give you more safety assurance.
Comprehensive Insurance Service
The insurance data of each customer is managed systematically and standardisingly. When an accident happens, a specialist will be resposible for coordinating all the related matters and provide the most immediate support. And advantage of insurance purchase allows customers to enjoy high-class security at a very good premium rate.
24-hour Emergency Assistance and Towing Service
In case of an emergency, ORIX will provide the fastest assistance! As a customer of ORIX, you can enjoy the services 24/7 with no worries. Services include towing with no mileage limitation, emergency power supply, spare tire replacement, gasoline and water delivery. A multi-language service system of Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and English is available to remove the communication barriers for foreign customers.
Substitution Vehicle Service
When customer's car is maintained in the shop for over 24 hours, ORIX will provide the same grade and high-quality substitution vehicle to make sure customer right of car use and keep his schedule continue.
Assisting Corporation in Analyzing Information of Fleet
For corporate customers, ORIX can provide mileage records, maintenance and repair details, claim statistics, and traffic violation records for easy knowledge of the vehicle usage and management.
Lease Back Program
Lease Back" program tailored for corporate customers allows the companies to resolve all the vehicle management issues and possess instant benefits of car leasing.